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What Programming Language is Used to Create Virtual Reality?

The virtual reality market is growing by the day, with headsets and virtual reality videos hitting the market in their millions. Traditionally, kids were excited about heading to the movies to watch movies with red and blue glasses. Now, however, they can put on a VR headset and become immersed in the action as if they were really there.

While more and more people – young and old – are excited to find out all there is to know about virtual reality videos and headsets, there are equally as many people who are interested to know what programming language is used to create virtual reality. Below, we dive into the basics of what programming language is best for VR.


If you’re new to the creation of virtual reality videos, then the C++ programming language is going to be the easiest for you to understand. With a significant focus on object creation as opposed to coding, it helps beginners get to grips with what it takes to create amazing VR.

Not only is it one of the most popular languages, but it’s also one of the most seamless. If you use C++, you can write it on what is called the Unreal Engine 4 Platform, or UE4. This platform helps you to build an entire VR concept without ever having to learn to code.

However, if you do wish to learn both the coding side and the object creation side, then you can also use C++ with a visual scripting program known as Blueprint. Blueprint enables you to build additional functionality above and beyond what UE4 allows. If you learn everything there is to know about C++ for virtual reality videos and even games; then your skill set will be in hot demand. You can also become a freelancer and earn a significant amount of money.


Java has long been one of the best object building languages. Traditionally, developers would use it for apps and software, but it’s also useful for cross-platform applications because it’s very object-oriented.

For virtual reality videos and gaming platforms, most developers use a Java 3D Application programming interface. You can also use Java 3D for graphics, workbench applications, shutter glass-based desktop applications, and more.


Developers use JavaScript more commonly for front-end development, and it’s one of the most common scripting languages around. If you’re learning how to build virtual reality videos, you will find JavaScript easy to learn and it even uses the same syntax as C++ language.

What you will also appreciate about JavaScript as a programming language for VR is that it’s cross-platform and also uses a platform known as WebVR which helps with the creation of VR applications.

If you’re trying to find out what programming language is used to create virtual reality, then you will soon learn there is more than one. If you’re new to programming, however, C++, Java, and JavaScript are all going to help you on your journey to becoming a VR genius.